Fender affinity jazz bass review

In the late fifties, Danelectro introduced their UB-2 five string bass. It was neither a huge success or a great new bass playing innovation. Five string upright basses had been used in jazz bands for years and the orchestral double bass had a 5 string version. In recent years they have become more popular.

Some see them as oddities that make no real improvements to the art of playing the bass guitar. Others think they are the best thing to emerge in recent years, opening up a new scale and sound options. The body is crafted from Alder which is an interesting choice. It is a hardwood but is the softest of the hardwoods, which has an attractive maple laminate. The body shape is then sculpted to really give it an eye-catching look. A Yamaha designed die-cast bridge is included with string width gap of 18mm allowing plenty of room for all playing styles.

Suffice to say that both kinds of wood used and materials for the hardware are all of high quality and Yamaha have not cut corners in producing this excellent quality bass guitar.

It is the pickups and electricals though that is worth some consideration. Included are H5 magnetic double coil pickups which have a quad pole design with Alnico magnets that create some clean and warm tones.

On the underside of the body is the compartment for a battery. There is an LED low battery alert light. The playing action of this bass guitar is surprising.

It is smooth and comfortable and the fretboard though a little wider than its 4 string cousins feels easy to play. There is no doubt this is a superb bass guitar. It brings Yamaha build quality and adds some great innovations to help you create and develop your own sound. David Schecter set the company up in originally to manufacture replacement parts for Fender and Gibson guitars.

fender affinity jazz bass review

Now they have a full range of instruments themselves, some hand made. They make quality instruments at very affordable prices. The Stiletto Studio-5 bass is a very special instrument. It is stunning looking.

Affinity Series

Made from mahogany, it has contoured edges and two deep cutaways giving full access to the maple and walnut neck and rosewood fingerboard. Two humbuckers are the choice for the pickups at neck and bridge positions. There is a 3 band active eq to allow sound creation and a blend control to mix the sound between the pickups.Fender Play Play free.

Play on. It's not easy to choose between these two legendary basses.

Precision Bass or Jazz Bass: Which Is Right for You?

Dig into the differences you need to know. There was a time in recorded music history when there was no electric bass to complement the sweet sounds of the electric guitar, but that all changed when Leo Fender unveiled the groundbreaking Precision Bass in As the story goes, the amplified guitars of the time were beginning to drown out their accompanying acoustic standup bass players.

Enter the P Bass. Created to team with the popular Fender Telecaster both musically and aesthetically, the Precision Bass gave musicians something they never had previously—it could be strapped across their shoulders, it had frets and it could be plugged into an amplifier.

All in a package that was more easily transported than a bulky double bass. Fender further innovated the bass with the release of the Jazz Bass in Originally called the Deluxe, the Jazz Bass was conceived as a stablemate to the Jazzmaster guitar, which was introduced two years prior. For over five decades, artists have fallen in love with both the Jazz Bass and the P Bass, and the debate over which one to choose has raged for just as long.

To wit, here is a list of notable artists associated with the Precision Bass and Jazz Bass, in addition to a breakdown of the core differences that have existed between the two instruments, namely the neck, the body shape and the pickups:. Nobody will ever mistake a P Bass neck for a Jazz Bass neck. The Precision Bass neck is meatier at the nut roughly 43mm and maintains a pretty consistent thickness along its length. The Jazz Bass neck tapers as you get to the nut roughly 38mmwhere the strings are routed tighter.

Some players felt that this tapered feel at the nut offered easier fingering. When the P Bass first hit the scene, it had quite the distinct look. While it was reminiscent of the Telecaster, its double cutaways were unprecedented. The original P Bass pickup was a chrome-plated single-coil, but init was updated to a hum-canceling split-coil pickup with staggered polepieces that delivered thunderous low-end and clear high-end.

The Jazz Bass featured dual single-coil pickups with two polepieces per string, giving it a brighter, more trebly tone with healthy midrange growl.Squier Indonesia? Sep 19, 1. Jul 4, Buffalo. Since when did Fender have basses made in Indonesia? I just bought at the local shop a Fender Squier maple neck bass that is made in Indonesia. It has a humbuckler silver pickup at the very top of the body.

Never seen it before and I am not sure what year it was made. I played with it for a good half hour out of an Ampeg combo and it felt real good in my hands.

Squier Affinity Series Jazz Bass V

I needed a back up beater bass and I wanted it to be a precision with a maple neck. I had purchased one of those Classic Vibes s Squiers and canceled the order after I played this from the local shop, Apple Music.

I much rather give them business than musician's friend. But, who has more info on this bass? And Indonesia? Since when? Sep 19, 2. Aug 26, Brooklyn. Sep 19, 3. I understand that and was well aware of that. I've just never seen one made from Indonesia. Sep 19, 4. Nov 27, Near Worcester MA. That sounds like a vintage modified P-Bass TB It is a killer bass they were in production last year and still are as far as I know.

Check the Squier Web site if you need more info. Sep 19, 5. Sep 19, 6. Oct 6, Phoenix, AZ. I'm fairly certain the Affinities Squier's most low-end line are made in China. Sep 19, 7. Sep 24, Madison, WI. I may be voicing a fairly unpopular opinion, but I've had a surprising amount of luck with those cheap-o Indonesian Squires. Like any other instrument no matter where it is fromyou need to make sure it is setup the way that feels good for you.

Michael Russ and Sandy McCullough like this. Sep 19, 8. Sep 19, 9.Discussion in ' Basses [BG] ' started by bassbourneDec 11, Tags: affinity backup bass beater bass classic vibe poplar soft maple squier vs which bass.

Dec 11, 1. Nov 20, Hi there, Apologies in advance for the essay and thanks in advance to those who made it all the way through. So I'm thinking of buying a back-up bass for travel practicing with on holiday and perhaps even doing the odd gig with.

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However, having done some research, it seems the Affinity has an alder body, which I like, having had issues with poplar in the past screws stripping etc. But I have read some threads stating that the older models have alder bodies and the newer ones have poplar bodies. Can anyone confirm this? Every site I have checked so far states they have an alder body including Fender's own. On the other hand, the Classic Vibe is listed as having a poplar body, however I have seen multiple review videos in which they state the natural color is soft maple.

I am guessing they are just assuming it's soft maple due to the natural look and the fact the similar older Vintage Modified '70s jazz basses are soft maple if I remember correctly.


Does anyone know what the actual wood is? According to Fender's site it's poplar, but I have noticed a few mistakes on their website recently and figured that perhaps the black and sunburst finishes are poplar and the natural is soft maple and they forgot to correct this. Also would there be a big difference in terms of pick-ups?

Other than that, if anyone has any opinion on which of the two basses to get that would be much appreciated. I'm open to other suggestions too, such as the '60s Classic Vibe or Contemporary Jazz bass etc as long as it's a jazz bass and preferably Squier.

Obviously I'm tempted to spend as little as possible on a beater bass, but I don't want to go for the Affinity if it's going to fall apart after a few months.

fender affinity jazz bass review

Last edited: Dec 11, Dec 11, 2. Sep 12, The Garden State. There's really no comparison. Find yourself either one of these and you'll be set. I regret selling mine every day.When you put a musical group together, be it anything from a gentle jazz quartet to a screaming metal band there is something you cannot do without — the Bass guitar. Along with the drummer they are the engine room for the band and the louder it gets, the more vital they are.

Without you, there is not very much at all. What do you have without a bass guitar?

fender affinity jazz bass review

A train wreck. It is therefore quite important that the sound of the bass is good. That means having someone who can play, who has a decent amplifier, but most importantly has the bass guitar that will do the job. Well if we are going to talk bass guitars, I suppose for many there is only one place to start. The Fender Precision. Since its introduction in the s, it has become recognized by many as the greatest bass guitar ever produced.

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From starting it all, to buy-outs of Fender, policy changes, cheap materials and back to making good guitars again, it has often been a rough ride for the company. Pre-CBS, the early 60s, had them at their best. A few years later, they had become a shadow of how Leo created them. If you are expecting a pure thoroughbred Precision, then look away now. In the traditional version, the Precision is known for its passive single coil pickups at both bridge and neck. This version has active split coil pickups at both neck and bridge.

The idea is to create a new sound. The bridge pickup though is more of a Jazz bass than a Precision. The body is made from Alder wood, and it has a maple neck.

The neck plays well and is comfortable in its design. It is well constructed and made in Mexico, and the sunburst finish is as always very attractive.

That is fine if you are looking for something different and I am sure some will appreciate the tone options available. The body is constructed of Maple and Alder woods and retains its popular basic design shape including the body contour for the right arm resting on the instrument which makes it so comfortable to hold.

There is a new neck design. It is five-piece mahogany and maple wood affair but now with six securing bolts that add extra strength. The fingerboard is rosewood with 21 frets and some nice inlays.Not sure which bass to buy? Fed-up with crappy fake Amazon reviews, reviews from inexperienced bassists, or blatantly biased reviews? We got you covered with our no B. Jump to the reviews click here. Jump to the final verdict and the winners click here.

In order to get from basses down to 7 contenders for the shootout, we needed a lot of tricks. Known Brands Only. Four Strings.

Squier Affinity Jazz Bass - review

We decided to stick to four string basses. Standard Scale Length. Two Pickups. We limited our choices to basses with two pickups.

From there, we still had way too many basses to tackle at once, so we used a combination of looking at reviews, popularity, brand reputation, plus more than a little bit of professional intuition, to choose our short list of seven basses for the showdown. As much as humanly possible, we wanted to remove personal bias from these reviews. All three of us are experienced in a wide variety of musical styles, which gave us a basis to judge tone and feel in different instruments.

We approached this review process with genuine curiosity and desire to bring you the best possible recommendations for beginner basses. To make the group test even fairer, we took all seven basses to our bass tech Kent Fossgreenthe go-to guy for instrument and amp repair in the area and also my dad!

First we inspected construction quality and factory setup. This is not how bass is usually recorded so keep in mind that all these basses would sound better if the signal was processed in the usual ways. Our four review criteria were Playability, Tone, Comfort, and Versatility.

This focused primarily on the neck of the bass — how comfortable it felt to move around, how the string spacing felt, thoughts about upper fret access, string tension, and if any glaring issues came up like sharp fret edges or dead spots. We explored the tones we could get by sticking with standard fingerstyle technique and changing the knob settings on the bass. This criteria had the least influence in the overall rating.

Squier Indonesia? WTH?

I asked my reviewers how the bass felt on their body in terms of weight and balance. I had reviewers try out a variety of techniques on the bass like picking and slapping to determine if those techniques were physically comfortable to perform, and also if the bass responded with some good sounding tones.Loaded with two Squier single-coil J Bass pickups for a wide variety of tones, this model is ready to help lay the foundation for any player at any stage.

The single-coil Jazz Bass pickups deliver classic tone and performance with crisp high-end, articulate midrange and punchy low-end. Yes, please have a dealer in my area contact me using the information I have submitted. I understand that my information will be shared with the dealer and may be used by the dealer to facilitate this contact. Model : Fingerboard Material Indian Laurel.

Highlights Specs Support Highlights.

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Body Material. Bridge Pickup. Neck Material. Recommended Gear. We didn't find any dealers in your area. Try searching a different location below or contact Fender Customer Service at Loading dealers Please wait while we search for any available online dealers.

All online dealers listed here will have the specified product in stock, ready for purchase. Sorry, we weren't able to find any online dealers in stock at this time. Contact your local dealer for operating hours. Email Address. Phone Number. Comment character limit. Back to the Site. Browse More Premium Dealers.

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